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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 52: Classification and allocation of offices and positions; review

Section 52. The classification and allocation of offices and positions required to be classified and allocated by section forty-nine shall be according to their respective duties and responsibilities. The classification shall be established by specifications defining for each office or position or class of offices or positions the title, duties and responsibilities thereof. The titles used in such classification shall be used for pay rolls, in the records of county commissioners, county treasurers, the director of accounts and of the board, and in all budget and appropriation records, but for working and administrative purposes within a department and for public convenience other titles may be used. Incumbents of offices and positions so classified shall perform, as far as practicable, the duties prescribed for the class to which they are assigned, but nothing in sections forty-eight to fifty-six, inclusive, shall be construed to limit or to restrict the county commissioners or other administrative authorities having charge of a department in assigning other work to such incumbents.

Any person aggrieved by the allocation or classification of his office or position or by any other action or by any failure to act, under any provision of sections forty-eight to fifty-five, inclusive, may appeal in writing to the board. Such appeal shall be filed with the county commissioners of the county in which the office or position is established, who shall forward the appeal to the board, accompanied by a report and their recommendations thereon. The board shall refer the appeal to the director of accounts, who shall investigate the merits thereof and report to the board. The board, after giving all parties interested an opportunity to be heard, shall pass upon the appeal and its decision shall be final and binding upon all such parties, including the county commissioners and the person appealing.