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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 13A: Plans, rules for filing in registries

Section 13A. The registers of deeds, or a majority of them, may from time to time make and amend rules prescribing the size or sizes of plans which shall be received for record in registries of deeds in which copies of such rules are posted as hereinafter provided, the material on which the plans shall be made, and other requirements which will best effect the preservation for reference of the matter shown on such plans. No such rule or any amendment thereof shall take effect until after it has been approved by the attorney general. Any register of deeds may post a copy of the rules, approved as aforesaid, in a conspicuous place in his registry; and, after the expiration of thirty days from such posting, no plan which does not, in the opinion of the register, conform to such rules shall be received for record therein.