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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 32: Instruments creating interest in property; notice to department of public welfare

Section 32. Whenever there is filed for record in a registry of deeds any deed of trust or other instrument creating or increasing an estate or fund for benevolent, charitable, humane or philanthropic purposes, the register shall forthwith send to the department of public welfare a statement noting the book and page of the record, with the name, if any, of the said estate or fund, and by whom the said estate or fund has been created or increased, and by whom it is to be administered.

If an individual is receiving medical assistance under chapter one hundred and eighteen E and is either a grantee or grantor of an interest in real property, such individual shall comply with the provision of section thirteen A of said chapter one hundred and eighteen E requiring notice to the department of public welfare of certain transfers of property.