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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 22A3/4: Designation of parking space for veteran parking at city or town hall

Section 22A3/4. (a) A municipality may designate a parking space at the city or town hall for the parking of a veteran in a motor vehicle that is owned and operated by the veteran and that displays a veteran registration plate issued pursuant to section 2 of chapter 90. The parking space shall be available during the normal business hours of the city or town hall for use by such veteran without charge. The municipality shall erect and maintain a sign designating such a parking space that shall bear the words ''Veteran Parking Only— this space is reserved for those who have served. Unauthorized Vehicles May Be Removed At The Vehicle Owner's Expense''. The parking space shall only be used by a veteran that meets the requirements of this subsection.

(b) A violation of subsection (a) shall be punished by a fine of $100 and the city or town may provide for the removal of a vehicle in the manner provided in section 22D. The penalty shall not be a surchargeable offense under section 113B of chapter 175.