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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 22G: Funds received from fines for handicap parking violations; deposits in account; expenditures

Section 22G. Any city or town which has accepted the provisions of section eight J is hereby authorized to allocate all funds received from fines assessed for violations of handicap parking in said city or town to the commission on disabilities.

Funds so received shall be deposited by the city or town treasurer in a separate account and shall be used solely for the benefit of persons with disabilities. Said account shall be established by the city or town treasurer and shall be kept separate and apart from all other monies. Expenditures from said account, including accrued interest, if any, shall be made upon the recommendation of the commission on disabilities in accordance with the accepted procedures of the city or town for the disbursement of funds, including the approval of the mayor and city council or the town manager or board of selectmen. The city or town accountant shall submit annually a report of said account to the mayor and city council or the town manager and board of selectmen for review and a copy of said report shall be forwarded to the bureau of accounts.