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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 36C: Police; training in suicide detection, intervention and prevention

Section 36C. All members of municipal police departments, and all uniformed members of the state police shall be trained in the detection, intervention and prevention of suicide. Said training shall include training in the nature and symptomatology of suicide, training in communicating with suicidal detainees, and training in appropriate suicide prevention techniques and emergency procedures. Said training shall be approved and coordinated by the municipal police training committee, and shall be included in the curriculum of all police training schools and academies, including the state police academy.

In-service training shall be provided for police officers having previous basic recruit training. Shift commanders shall complete such training within one year of the passage of this act, and all other officers shall complete such training within three years of the passage of this act. Completion of a refresher seminar in suicide prevention shall be a condition of promotion for all police officers affected by the provisions of this act.

All lockup facilities established pursuant to section thirty-four of chapter forty, or under the jurisdiction of the state police, shall establish written procedures to be followed in any situation which threatens or may threaten the safety of persons detained therein.