General Laws

Section 5B. For the purpose of creating 1 or more stabilization funds, cities, towns and districts may appropriate in any year an amount not exceeding, in the aggregate, 10 per cent of the amount raised in the preceding fiscal year by taxation of real estate and tangible personal property or such larger amount as may be approved by the director of accounts. The aggregate amount in such funds at any time shall not exceed 10 per cent of the equalized valuation of the city or town as defined in section 1 of chapter 44. Any interest shall be added to and become part of the fund.

The treasurer shall be the custodian of all such funds and may deposit the proceeds in national banks or invest the proceeds by deposit in savings banks, co-operative banks or trust companies organized under the laws of the commonwealth, or invest the same in such securities as are legal for the investment of funds of savings banks under the laws of the commonwealth or in federal savings and loans associations situated in the commonwealth.

At the time of creating any such fund the city, town or district shall specify, and at any later time may alter, the purpose of the fund, which may be for any lawful purpose, including without limitation an approved school project under chapter 70B or any other purpose for which the city, town or district may lawfully borrow money. Such specification and any such alteration of purpose, and any appropriation of funds into or out of any such fund, shall be approved by two-thirds vote, except as provided in paragraph (g) of section 21C of chapter 59 for a majority referendum vote. Subject to said section 21C, in a town or district any such vote shall be taken at an annual or special town meeting, and in a city any such vote shall be taken by city council.