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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 8K: Mapping commissions; powers and duties; members

Section 8K. A city by ordinance or a town by by-law may establish a mapping commission for the purpose of developing or coordinating the development of comprehensive maps of the municipality, including, but not limited to, parcel boundaries, location of utility lines, pipelines, and other structures, land use or items of geographic or geological interest.

A mapping commission shall: (1) develop and administer programs relating to such mapping of the community; (2) advise, assist and cooperate with state, regional and federal agencies in developing appropriate programs and policies relating to such mapping; (3) with the approval of the city or town, apply for, receive, expend, represent and act on behalf of the city or town in connection with federal grants, grant programs or reimbursements or private grants; (4) accept gifts, grants, bequests and devises from any source, whether public or private, for the purpose of assisting the authority in the discharge of its duties; (5) seek to coordinate the activities of governmental and private bodies organized for similar purposes. Said commission shall seek to coordinate all mapping efforts in a city or town in order that duplicative efforts be minimized. A mapping commission may offer for sale any products of its efforts, including maps, reports or other materials.

The commission shall consist of not less than three nor more than seven members. In cities the members shall be appointed by the mayor, subject to the provisions of the city charter, except that in cities having or operating under a Plan D or Plan E form of city charter, said appointments shall be by the city manager, subject to the provisions of the charter; and in towns the members shall be appointed by the board of selectmen, except that in towns having a manager form of government appointments shall be made by the town manager, subject to the approval of the board of selectmen.