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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 7: Rent increases for protected low-income tenants after termination

Section 7. For 3 years after termination, the rent for a protected low-income tenant who does not receive an enhanced section 8 voucher shall not be increased more than once annually by the increase in the consumer price index applicable to the area in which the publicly-assisted housing is located during the preceding year plus 3 per cent. The foregoing shall not apply to a low-income tenant: (i) who is income eligible for an enhanced section 8 voucher but does not obtain one solely due to some action or inaction of the tenant on or after the date he is eligible to apply for the enhanced section 8 voucher; or (ii) who would be eligible for an enhanced section 8 voucher if this provision was not in effect. For a period of 3 years after termination, a protected low income tenant shall not be evicted or involuntarily displaced from his dwelling except for good cause related to tenant fault.