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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 108C: By-laws pertaining to administration of personnel; consolidation

Section 108C. A town may consolidate, in a single chapter or article, all provisions of its by-laws pertaining to the administration of its personnel, including, among other things, the compensation plan established pursuant to paragraph (b) of section five of chapter thirty-one, the plans established pursuant to section one hundred and eight A of this chapter, and any by-laws adopted pursuant to section twenty-one A of chapter forty, and may provide by by-law for the establishment of a personnel board or other agency for the purpose of administering said plans or other provisions of its by-laws pertaining to personnel, determining any questions arising thereunder, and advising the town in any matters pertaining thereto; provided, however, such consolidated by-law shall not be subject to the approval of the attorney general as provided in section thirty-two of chapter forty.