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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 1B: Appointed town offices and boards; acceptance by voters

Section 1B. Any office or board, except the board of selectmen and the school committee, elected under the provisions of section 1 may become an appointed position or board by a majority vote of the annual or special town meeting and acceptance by the voters of the town at the annual town elections; provided, however, that any vote by a special town meeting taken under the provisions of this section shall take place at least 60 days prior to the acceptance of the voters at the annual town election. For purposes of this section, the positions of town treasurer and collector of taxes, elected pursuant to section 1, may be combined into 1 position and become an appointed position in the manner provided in this section. Such acceptance by the voters shall be in the form of the following question, to be placed on the official ballot:

Shall the town vote to have its elected (Title(s) of office or board) become an appointed (Title(s) of office or board) of the town? Yes ___ No ___

If a majority of votes cast in answer to said question is in the affirmative, said office or board shall become appointed in accordance with the provisions of this section.

Any incumbent of such office or board serving at the time of acceptance by the voters shall continue to hold said office and to perform the duties thereof until the expiration of the term for which said individual was elected or until said individual otherwise vacates such office; provided, however, that any individual elected to an office or board which becomes an appointed office or board at the same election, under the provisions of this section, shall hold said office and perform the duties thereof until the appointment to said office is otherwise made under the provisions of this section.

Such appointment shall be made by the board of selectmen for a term not to exceed three years, unless such mode of appointment or term is otherwise provided by law.