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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 37: Treasurer acting as tax collector; appointment of deputies

[ Text of section effective until November 7, 2016. Repealed by 2016, 218, Sec. 55.]

  Section 37. A town treasurer, acting as collector of taxes, may, subject to the approval of the commissioner of corporations and taxation, appoint deputies, who shall give bond for the faithful performance of their duties in such sum and in such form, and subject to such conditions, as the said commissioner may prescribe; and such collector and deputies shall have all the powers of collectors of taxes. Such deputies may be removed by said commissioner for cause. A treasurer acting as collector may issue his warrant to the sheriff of the county or his deputy, or to any constable of the town, directing them to distrain the property or take the body of any person delinquent in the payment of taxes, and may proceed in the same manner as collectors.