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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 39B: Removal of treasurers or city or town collectors

[ Text of section effective until November 7, 2016. Repealed by 2016, 218, Sec. 56.]

  Section 39B. If, in the opinion of the commissioner of revenue, hereinafter referred to as the commissioner, the safety of any city, town, district, or regional school district funds or sums due such city, town, district, or regional school district for taxes or otherwise may be jeopardized by the continuation in office of a treasurer of such city, town, district, or regional school district, or by the continuation in office of a city or town collector, the commissioner may petition the superior court for the removal of such officer. Pending a hearing upon the petition, any justice of such court, if in his judgment the public good so requires, may, after a hearing, summary or otherwise, as he determines, suspend the authority of such officer to act until final action upon the petition is taken. In case of such suspension, the commissioner shall notify the selectmen of such town or the mayor of such city and the officer so suspended shall be deemed to be unable to perform his duties because of disability within the meaning of section forty or section sixty-one A.

  The petition of the commissioner may be heard by a justice of the superior court sitting in any county after such notice to the commissioner and to the officer as the court deems necessary. The court shall hear the parties and their witnesses and the decision of the court shall be final and conclusive. Proceedings under this section shall be advanced for speedy hearing, upon the request of either party. If, after hearing, the court shall be of the opinion that the public good so requires, the court shall by decree remove the officer. Otherwise, the court shall dismiss the petition and, if the authority of the officer to act has been suspended, shall restore such authority.

  The word "collector'' as used in this section shall include a collector of taxes.