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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 69C: Submission of adoption of board of public works to electorate; ballot

Section 69C. By vote of a town meeting called for the purpose in any town at least ninety days before an annual town meeting, or, in the case of a town which voted thereon and the vote was not in the affirmative, upon request by petition of ten per cent of the qualified voters of any town filed with the selectmen at least sixty days before an annual town meeting, the selectmen shall include in the warrant for such annual meeting for submission to the voters the following question, to be placed on the official ballot in towns using such ballots:—''Shall sections sixty-nine C to sixty-nine F, inclusive, of chapter forty-one of the General Laws, providing for the establishment of a board of public works exercising the powers of certain other departments and town officers be accepted?'' If a majority of the votes cast in answer to such question is in the affirmative, this section and sections sixty-nine D to sixty-nine F, inclusive, shall become fully effective beginning with, and for the purposes of, the next annual town election.