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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 69E: Superintendent of public works; appointment; powers and duties

Section 69E. The board shall appoint and fix the compensation of a superintendent of public works, who shall exercise and perform, under the supervision and direction of the board, such of the powers, rights and duties transferred to it under section twenty-one or section sixty-nine D as it may from time to time designate. He shall be responsible for the efficient exercise and performance of such powers, rights and duties and shall hold office subject to the will of the board. He shall be specially fitted by education, training and experience to perform the duties of said office, and may or may not be a resident of the town. During his tenure he shall hold no elective or other appointive office, nor shall he be engaged in any other business or occupation. He shall give to the town a bond with a surety company authorized to transact business in the commonwealth as surety, for the faithful performance of his duties, in such sum and upon such conditions as the board may require, and shall, subject to the approval of the board, appoint such assistants, agents and employees as the exercise and performance of his powers, rights and duties may require. He shall keep full and complete records of the doings of his office and render to the board as often as it may require a full report of all operations under his control during the period reported upon; and annually, and from time to time as required by the board, he shall make a synopsis of such reports for publication. He shall keep the board fully advised as to the needs of the town within the scope of his duties, and shall furnish to the board each year upon its request a carefully prepared and detailed estimate in writing of the appropriations required during the next succeeding fiscal year for the proper exercise and performance of all said powers, rights and duties.