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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 99K: Revocation of acceptance of regional police district law; town elections; ballot; continuity of district

Section 99K. In towns using official ballots at town elections, revocation of the provisions of the regional police district law shall be by vote in answer to a question placed on the official ballot at an annual town election as hereinafter provided, and in towns not using official ballots at town elections such revocation shall be by vote at an annual town meeting. Upon the filing, with the clerk of any town using official ballots at town elections, of a petition signed either by the board of selectmen or by not less than five per cent of the total number of registered voters thereof, requesting that the question of revoking acceptance of the provisions of this law be placed upon the official ballot, the clerk shall place such question on the official ballot for the next town election occurring more than thirty days after the filing of such petition. The question to be voted on shall be:—''Shall the acceptance by the town of the provisions of sections ninety-nine B to ninety-nine K, inclusive, of chapter forty-one of the General Laws which provided for the establishment of a regional police district, together with the town (towns) of , be revoked?''

If such revocation is favored by a majority of the voters voting thereon, the acceptance of this law by such town shall be revoked and this law shall become null and void in said town beginning one year after such vote; provided, however, if any such town while a member of the district voted to accept the provisions of chapter thirty-one with respect to said district, the provisions of said chapter thirty-one shall remain in effect in said town and any person transferred to said town from the district as a result of such revocation shall be transferred without impairment of civil service status, seniority, retirement and other rights, without interruption of his service within the meaning of said chapter thirty-one and without reduction in his compensation and salary grade, notwithstanding any change in his title or duties made as a result of such transfer.

Whenever a town revokes acceptance of this law and withdraws from a regional police district said town shall remain liable for its share of any obligation of the district incurred while said town was a member of said district.

Whenever a town revokes acceptance of this law and withdraws from a regional police district and thereby breaks the contiguity required by section ninety-nine C, the remaining towns shall continue to form a district notwithstanding the absence of contiguity.