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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 41: Expenses of auditing; payment

[ Text of section effective until November 7, 2016. For text effective November 7, 2016, see below.]

  Section 41. The expenses incurred under sections thirty-five to forty, inclusive, shall be paid primarily by the commonwealth; and the state treasurer shall issue his warrant requiring the assessors of the cities and towns concerned and of the towns in which such district is located to assess a tax to the amount of said expense, and such amounts shall be collected and paid to the state treasurer as provided by section twenty of chapter fifty-nine. Any balance due shall be assessed, collected and paid in the succeeding years in like manner.

Chapter 44: Section 41. Failure to meet minimum standards and methods of accounting; expenses of auditing; payment

[ Text of section as amended by 2016, 218, Sec. 79 effective November 7, 2016. For text effective until November 7, 2016, see above.]

  Section 41. Whenever it appears to the director that a city, town or district has failed to meet the minimum standards and methods of municipal and district accounting prescribed under section 38, or to provide the information required under section 43 or other statute, the director shall notify the city, town or district of the actions necessary to ensure compliance or to provide the required information. The notice shall contain a statement that failure to comply may result in the director taking action to ensure compliance, including contracting for any services necessary or appropriate to do so. If such city or town fails, within a reasonable time, to comply with the requirements of the director, and continues to fail to comply, the director may contract on behalf of the city or town for any professional or technical services necessary to meet the standards or obtain the necessary information. The costs of the services shall be incurred by the commonwealth, and payment shall be deducted by the state treasurer, pursuant to section 20A of chapter 58, from any amount distributable or payable by the commonwealth to such city or town.