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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 53: City, town or district funds; use and disposition

Section 53. All moneys received by any city, town or district officer or department, except as otherwise provided by special acts and except fees provided for by statute, shall be paid by such officers or department upon their receipt into the city, town or district treasury. Any sums so paid into the city, town or district treasury shall not later be used by such officer or department without specific appropriation thereof; provided, however, that (1) sums allotted by the commonwealth or a county to cities or towns for highway purposes and sums allotted by the commonwealth to cities, towns or districts for water pollution control purposes shall be available therefor without specific appropriation, but shall be used only for the purposes for which the allotment is made or to meet temporary loans issued in anticipation of such allotment as provided in section six or six A, (2) sums not in excess of $150,000 recovered under the terms of a fire or physical damage insurance policy or received in restitution for damage done to such city, town or district property may, with the approval of the chief executive officer, be used by the officer or department having control of the city, town or district property for the restoration or replacement of such property without specific appropriation during the fiscal year in which they are received or 120 days after receipt, whichever is later, and (3) sums recovered from pupils in the public schools for loss of or damage to school books, materials, electronic devices or other learning aids provided by the school committee, or paid by pupils for materials used in the industrial arts projects, may be used by the school committee for the restoration or replacement of such books or materials without specific appropriation.