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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 53G1/2: Special account for deposits to secure the performance of an obligation by an applicant for a license or permit

Section 53G1/2. Notwithstanding section 53, in a city or town that provides by by-law, ordinance, rule, regulation or contract for the deposit of cash, bonds, negotiable securities, sureties or other financial guarantees to secure the performance of any obligation by an applicant as a condition of a license, permit or other approval or authorization, the monies or other security received may be deposited in a special account. Such by-law, ordinance, rule or regulation shall specify: (1) the type of financial guarantees required; (2) the treatment of investment earnings, if any; (3) the performance required and standards for determining satisfactory completion or default; (4) the procedures the applicant must follow to obtain a return of the monies or other security; (5) the use of monies in the account upon default; and (6) any other conditions or rules as the city or town determines are reasonable to ensure compliance with the obligations. Any such account shall be established by the municipal treasurer in the municipal treasury and shall be kept separate and apart from other monies. Monies in the special account may be expended by the authorized board, commission, department or officer, without further appropriation, to complete the work or perform the obligations, as provided in the by-law, ordinance, rule or regulation. This section shall not apply to deposits or other financial surety received under section 81U of chapter 41 or other general or special law.