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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 63: Sale or other disposal of realty; disposition of proceeds

Section 63. Whenever the proceeds of the sale or other disposal of real estate, including the taking by eminent domain by another governmental unit, but other than that acquired through tax title foreclosure, by a city, town, or district, exceed five hundred dollars, the same shall be applied to the payment of indebtedness incurred in acquiring such real estate or shall be added to the sinking fund, if any, from which said indebtedness is payable, or if no such indebtedness is outstanding may be used for any purpose or purposes for which the city, town or district is authorized to incur debt for a period of five years or more or be applied to the payment of indebtedness incurred under clause (3) of section seven, except that the proceeds of a sale in excess of five hundred dollars of any park land by a city, town, or district shall be used only by said city, town, or district for acquisition of land for park purposes or for capital improvements to park land.