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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 16A: Handling of slash

Section 16A. Every owner, lessee, tenant or occupant of lands, or their agents or employees, or any such person or entity holding rights or interest in said lands or the timber thereon, or of any rights or interests therein, except electric, telephone and telegraph companies, who cuts or permits the cutting of brush, wood or timber on lands which border upon woodland of another, or upon a highway or railroad location, shall dispose of the slash caused by such cutting in such a manner that the same will not remain on the ground within forty feet of any woodland of another, or of any railroad location, or within one hundred feet from the center of any highway, and all slash resulting from such cutting operations shall be cut and scattered in such a manner as to minimize the danger from fire. Wherever multiple highway systems exist adjacent to cuttings, no slash shall be permitted within one hundred feet from the outer edge of the highway. No slash shall be permitted within twenty-five feet of any brook, stream, pond, river or water supply.

This section shall apply to cutting or clearing operations not subject to the provisions of chapter one hundred and thirty-two.