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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 42A: Establishment in towns under direction of selectmen; appointment of fire chief, other officers and firemen; compensation; removal; regulations; control of department

Section 42A. In towns which accept this section or have accepted corresponding provisions of earlier laws there shall be a fire department established under the direction of the selectmen, who shall appoint a chief of the fire department and such other officers and firemen as they deem necessary, and fix their compensation in an amount not in the aggregate exceeding the annual appropriation therefor. The selectmen may make suitable regulations governing the fire department and the officers and firemen thereof, and in towns which are not subject to chapter thirty-one may remove the chief and other officers and firemen at pleasure. The chief of the fire department shall be in immediate control of all town property used by the department, and of the officers and firemen, who shall obey his orders.