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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 83: Allowance to families of deceased firemen; exception

Section 83. If a person entitled under either of the two preceding sections to the benefits provided in section eighty-one is killed, or dies within sixty days from injuries received, while in the performance of duties entitling him to such benefits, and his death is certified to the comptroller by the town clerk and the attending physician or medical examiner, the comptroller shall certify for payment to the executor or administrator of such person, out of the appropriation annually made for the purpose, the sum of twenty-five hundred dollars for the use equally of his widow and minor children; or if there are minor children but no widow, to their use; or if there is no minor child, to the use of the widow; and if there is no widow or minor child, to the use of the next of kin if dependent on such deceased person for support. A child of full age dependent upon such person for support shall be regarded as a minor child. No payments shall be made under this section or section eighty-one on account of the death of a member of the fire department of a city or town in respect to which compensation is payable under section eighty-nine of chapter thirty-two.