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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 10A: Statements by innholders, etc.

Section 10A. Every innholder licensed under any provision of chapter one hundred and forty and every keeper of a lodging house or public lodging house licensed thereunder, every multi-dwelling unit owner, and every administrator of a nursing home as defined by section one hundred and eight of chapter one hundred and twelve and of a rest home as defined by section seventy-one of chapter one hundred and eleven, shall deliver to the person performing the duties required by section four, on a suitable blank to be furnished him by said person a statement, signed under the penalties of perjury, showing the name and date of birth of every person three years of age or older on January first of said year whose place of residence on said January first was at such inn, lodging house, public lodging house, multi-dwelling unit, nursing home or rest home. For the purposes of this section, ''lodging house'' shall include fraternity houses and dormitories of educational institutions. For the purposes of this section, ''multi-dwelling unit'' shall mean condominiums of any size and any residential apartment complex consisting of more than eight rental dwelling units. In the case of a fraternity house or dormitory, the statement required to be delivered by this section shall be the responsibility of the person in charge of each said fraternity house or dormitory. In the case of the multi-dwelling unit, the owner or his designated representative at such place, or in the case of condominiums only, the president or principal officer of the condominium association, shall provide the required information.