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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 42G: Transmission of completed affidavits to city or town where registrant resides

Section 42G. All registration agencies shall provide assistance with voter registration as required by 42 USC 1973 gg?5. Registration agencies shall transmit forthwith, within five calendar days, each completed affidavit of voter registration to the board of registrars of the city or town wherein the registrant resides. The state secretary shall adopt regulations governing such transmission, which shall include, but not be limited to, provisions requiring registration agencies to employ the most cost-effective forms of transmission; provided, however, that the department of correction shall provide prison industries assistance in such transmission as the state secretary may require. A registrant shall be deemed to be a registered voter at the time of completion of a signed affidavit at a registration agency or on the date that the affidavit of voter registration is postmarked or on the day that it is delivered by hand to the registrars.

The state secretary shall enter into cooperative agreements with additional agencies of state government that agree to function as registration agencies. Such agreements shall provide that the state secretary shall conduct appropriate training of agency staff, shall provide all forms, material and equipment necessary to carry out voter registration activities, and shall have oversight responsibility to insure proper compliance with applicable provisions of federal and state law.