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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 58: New names added to lists; distribution of copies; posting or publication

Section 58. If a new name is added to the annual register after the voting lists have been posted, registrars shall cause it to be added to the lists posted in their principal office; provided, however, that all registrars shall maintain lists of new names added to the annual registers subsequent to the last posting of the voting lists and such lists shall contain in addition to the names, the addresses, wards and precincts, if any, and party designations, if any, of the newly registered voters; and, provided further, that all registrars shall provide copies of such lists to all duly organized political committees, and to all political candidates for public office in the various districts in which the city or town is located, and, for a reasonable fee, not to exceed the cost of printing or copying such list, to any other person upon request. If a city or town shall authorize the registrars to publish the names added to the register, they may, instead of posting them, cause all additional names to be printed in a newspaper published in the city or town, if any, otherwise in a newspaper published in the county.