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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 7: Form, contents and distribution of street lists

Section 7. On the lists prepared under section six for delivery to public officers, the registrars shall name or designate all buildings used as residences, in their order on the street where they are located, by giving the number or other definite description of each building so that it can be readily identified, and shall place opposite to or under each number or other description of a building the name, date of birth, occupation and nationality if not a citizen of the United States, of every person who is listed under section four, and his residence on January first of the preceding year and of the current year. Every person so listed shall, if he is a registered voter, be so designated by an asterisk or other symbol. A copy of said lists containing the information required by this section shall be made available to the chairman of each city and each town committee. In cities and towns where the information on such lists is compiled on computer tapes, a copy of the tape or a set of mailing labels shall be made available to the chairman of each city or town committee at a reasonable price to be determined by the state secretary.