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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 113: Caucus officers; eligibility; terms; oaths; duties

Section 113. At the caucus held for the choice of candidates for a city or town election there shall be chosen annually a warden, a clerk, and at least five inspectors, and, in wards having more than five precincts, such additional inspectors as the city committee of the political party whose caucuses are to be held may determine. They shall be voters of the ward or town where elected and members of the political party whose caucus is to be held. No person shall be eligible to the position of warden, clerk or inspector who is a state, county or city employee, or a member of a ward or town committee, and no person shall serve as a caucus officer at any caucus wherein he is a candidate for nomination to an elective office. Every caucus officer shall hold office for one year, beginning with the first day of the month succeeding his election, and until his successor is elected. He shall, before entering upon the performance of his duties, be sworn by the warden, clerk, or a justice of the peace, and a record thereof made upon the record book of such caucus. The respective duties of caucus officers shall be in general the same required of election officers at elections.