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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 122: Regional school district-wide elections; applicable provisions

Section 122. The following provisions shall apply to regional school district-wide elections:

(a) Any person who is a resident of a member community and is a registered voter in the community in which he resides shall be entitled to have his name printed on the ballot to be used in the district-wide election if he shall file with the district clerk nomination papers signed by the number of voters as provided in section six who are registered and qualified to vote in the regional school district in which he resides.

(b) The state secretary shall supply candidates with a certificate of nomination and nomination papers through the district clerk.

(c) Other provisions of this chapter and chapters fifty-four and fifty-six relative to state elections shall apply to regional school district elections.

(d) Every nomination paper of a candidate shall be submitted to the registrars of the city or town where the signers appear to be voters on or before five o'clock post meridian of the twenty-eighth day preceding the day on which it must be filed with the district clerk. Nomination papers shall be filed by the candidate with the district clerk on or before the eleventh Tuesday preceding the day of election. The district clerk shall certify a correct list of candidates to the state secretary on or before the tenth Tuesday preceding the day of election. If the state secretary does not receive said certified list of candidates, on or before said date, the names of candidates for the regional district school committee shall not be printed on the ballot. The district clerk shall receive the election results from the city and town clerks, tabulate the results and certify the winners.