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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 45: Nomination papers; contents; signatures; acceptance; number of candidates; penalty provisions

Section 45. Every nomination paper shall state in addition to the name of the candidate, (1) his residence, with street and number thereof, if any, (2) the office for which he is nominated, and (3) the political party whose nomination he seeks. This information, in addition to the district name or number, if any, shall be stated on the nomination papers before any signature of a purported registered voter is obtained and the circulation of nomination papers without such information is prohibited. The candidate may state, on one or more nomination papers, in not more than eight words, the public offices which he holds or has held. The statement shall clearly indicate that he is a former incumbent thereof if such is the case and, if he is an elected incumbent of an office for which he seeks renomination that he is a candidate for such renomination. If he is a veteran, as defined in section one of chapter thirty-one, the word ''veteran'' may be included in the eight word statement.

Signatures shall be subject to section seven.

A nomination paper shall be valid only in respect to a candidate whose written acceptance is thereon; provided, however, that a candidate for ward or town committee who accepts nomination for such office more than once shall withdraw from all but one such nomination paper or shall be disqualified.

No nomination paper for use in the nomination of candidates to be voted for at state primaries shall contain the name of more than one candidate.

Whoever knowingly subscribes falsely to a statement on a primary nomination paper shall be punished by a fine of not more than fifty dollars.