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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 59: Nominations on blank nomination papers; signatures; acceptance

Section 59. Nominations of candidates for elective offices, to be voted for at a primary, shall be made by nomination papers, as hereinafter provided. Such nominations shall be made on the blank nomination papers prepared in accordance with the preceding section; and no nomination paper offered for filing shall be received or be valid to which is attached any card, paper or other device containing the name of a candidate, his written acceptance, or the signature of any voter required by this section. Such papers shall be signed by at least five voters of the ward or town where the primary is to be held, who shall add to their signatures the street and number, if any, of their residences. Such papers for a district composed of more than one ward shall be signed by a number of voters equal in the aggregate to not less than five voters for each ward in said district. In towns, nomination papers shall not contain a larger number of names of candidates than there are persons to be elected. In cities, nomination papers shall not contain the name of more than one candidate. No vacancy caused by the death, withdrawal or ineligibility of any candidate shall be filled, unless the person entitled to fill such vacancy files the written acceptance of the candidate who is nominated to fill the vacancy.