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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 70F: Canvass of returns; notice; certification; certificates

Section 70F. Upon the receipt of the records of the votes cast at presidential primaries and within four days after said primary the city or town clerk shall forthwith canvass the same and make return of the votes for nomination for president, and for election as members of the state committee to the state secretary, who shall forthwith canvass such returns, determine the results thereof, notify the successful candidates, and certify to the state committees the names of the persons appearing on the ballots as candidates or potential candidates for president and the results of the vote therefor, and the names of the persons elected as members of state committees. Said clerks shall determine the results of the votes for members of ward and town committees, issue proper certificates thereof to the successful candidates and notify the chairmen of the city and town committees of the respective parties, and the chairmen of the state committees of the respective parties.