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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 9: Certificate of nomination and nomination papers; certification of candidate as registered voter; acceptance procedure

Section 9. Certificates of nomination and nomination papers for state offices shall be filed with the state secretary and he shall forthwith issue to the candidate or other person filing the same a certificate acknowledging the time and date of the receipt thereof. Certificates of nomination or nomination papers for city and town offices shall be filed with the city or town clerk. Any candidate, including a candidate for presidential elector, not required by section forty-eight of this chapter to file a certificate of party enrollment shall, on or before the last day provided by law for filing nomination papers, file a certificate from the registrars of voters of the city or town wherein such candidate is a registered voter, certifying that such candidate is a registered voter in such city or town. Said registrars shall issue such a certificate forthwith upon request of any such candidate so registered or of his authorized representative. No nomination paper shall be received or be valid unless the written acceptance of the candidate thereby nominated shall be filed therewith. No nomination paper or certificate of nomination of a candidate for public office, as defined by chapter 268B, shall be accepted by the state secretary nor be valid unless accompanied by a receipt from the state ethics commission verifying the fact that a statement of financial interest has been filed pursuant to the provisions of said chapter 268B. No nomination paper for statewide elective office shall be received or be valid unless accompanied by a receipt from the director of campaign and political finance verifying the fact that the candidate has filed with said director the statement required by subsection (a) of section one A of said chapter 55C. The name of a candidate who fails to file any statement within the time required by said section one A shall not appear on the state primary or state election ballot.