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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 9A: Nomination papers for cities or towns; applicable provisions

Section 9A. In any city or town which accepts this section, in a city by vote of the city council subject to the provisions of its charter, and in a town by vote of the town meeting, the following provisions shall apply with respect to nomination papers:—

The final date for obtaining blank nomination papers for nomination to city or town office shall be forty-eight week day hours prior to the hour on which nomination papers are required to be submitted to the registrars of voters for certification.

Each candidate shall file with the city or town clerk, prior to obtaining blank nomination papers, a statement containing his name and address, and the city or town office for which he intends to be a candidate.

No candidate for city or town office shall receive more blank nomination papers than will contain the number of signatures required to place his name in nomination, multiplied by five.