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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 103A: Sections applicable to city and town elections, primaries and caucuses, and to regional vocational school district elections

Section 103A. Sections eighty-six to one hundred and three Q, inclusive, of this chapter, sections twenty-one and twenty-seven of chapter fifty-six and sections thirty-four A and thirty-seven A of chapter fifty-three shall, so far as applicable, apply to special and regular city primaries, preliminary elections, elections and to town primaries, preliminary elections and elections whether special or regular and to special and regular regional vocational school district elections including elections called to authorize bond issues for said districts. It shall not apply to caucuses wherein official ballots are not used. All the rights, powers, duties and obligations imposed and conferred upon the state secretary by said sections shall, with respect to said city and town elections, preliminary elections, primaries and caucuses, be exercised and performed by the clerk of such city or town, and, in construing said sections for the purposes of this section, any reference to state elections shall be considered as referring to said city or town function. The city or town clerk shall provide the papers required by said sections in a form prescribed by the state secretary.

In each such city which holds its regular city election annually, or which holds such election biennially in the even numbered years, and in which the date for such election is fixed by general or special law at a date earlier than the third Tuesday of December, the date of such city election shall be said third Tuesday and not such earlier date.