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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 104: Use of state blank forms and apparatus; canvass of votes

Section 104. The blank forms and apparatus provided by the state secretary shall be used in ascertaining the result of the election or vote in state elections in cities and towns, in city elections, in elections of town officers in towns where official ballots are used, and also in taking the vote upon any proposed amendment to the constitution, upon any law or proposed law submitted to the voters by referendum or initiative petition, and upon any other question submitted by statute to the voters of any senatorial or representative district, or of any city or town in which official ballots are used. If it is impossible to use such blank forms or apparatus, the canvass of the votes shall be made as the presiding officer shall direct; and the clerk shall record the facts relating to the failure to use such blank forms or apparatus, and shall enclose an attested copy of such record in the envelope with the ballots cast.