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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 11: Election officers in certain cities

Section 11. Subject to section eleven B, the mayor of every city, except where city charters provide otherwise and except as provided in sections eleven A and thirty-six, shall annually not earlier than July fifteenth nor later than August fifteenth appoint as election officers for each voting precinct, one warden, one deputy warden, one clerk, one deputy clerk, four inspectors and four deputy inspectors, who shall, at the time of their appointment, be enrolled voters in the commonwealth, except as otherwise provided in section 11B; provided, however, that the state secretary shall establish a waiver system to allow a city to request permission to appoint fewer election officers than specified in this paragraph. The persons so appointed shall be enrolled voters in the commonwealth, except as otherwise provided in section 11B. He may, in like manner, appoint two inspectors and two deputy inspectors in addition, and such additional inspectors as he may deem necessary, not less than two nor more than four for each three hundred voters, to count and tabulate the votes or to serve at any election. Every such appointment shall be filed in the office of the city clerk of such city within forty-eight hours after it is made, and shall be acted on by the aldermen not less than three days after the filing of such appointment and on or before September first following. After said September first, the mayor, with the approval of the aldermen, may, from time to time, appoint temporary additional inspectors to count and tabulate the votes. Records of appointments made under authority of this section shall be open to public inspection.