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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 35A: Challenged or absent voting ballots where voting machines used; questions submitted to voters

Section 35A. At polling places where voting machines are used ballots cast by challenged voters, and absent voting ballots cast at elections where such voting is permitted by law, shall be deposited in ballot boxes provided in accordance with law. For such polling places, the state secretary or the city or town clerk, as the case may be, shall prepare for the use of voters voting in person whose right to vote is challenged official absent voting ballots, marked ''Challenged Ballots'' in large type on the back thereof, when folded. Any such official absent voting ballot so used shall be an official ballot, as such term is used in section thirty-five B. When the state secretary shall determine that it is not feasible for the summary of any question or questions submitted to the people to appear on the voting machine, he shall prepare separate sheets of paper containing such summary and provide such sheets for each polling place, to be used by the voters casting their votes on the voting machine, and one such sheet shall be furnished to each voter as he prepares to cast his vote by the use of such a machine.