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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 41A: Governor and lieutenant governor candidates; grouping party nominees; order

Section 41A. The surnames of candidates for the offices of governor and lieutenant governor shall be placed upon the official ballot for use at state elections in groups, according to their political party or designation; except, in the case where two candidates have the same surname, then christian names and addresses as they appear on the voting list for each candidate, shall be placed on the ballot. On the right of each such group shall appear a square in which the voter may designate by a cross (X) his choice. The placing of such a cross in the square shall constitute a vote for the candidate for governor and a vote for the candidate for lieutenant governor so designated. The order of the various groups on the ballot shall be determined as follows:—The group in which appears the name of a candidate for governor who is an elected incumbent shall be placed first, except as provided in section thirty-three. Next in order shall appear the groups of candidates of political parties, arranged alphabetically in accordance with the surnames of the candidates for governor, and all other groups of candidates for such offices shall follow, in like order.