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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 78A: List of candidates for electors pledged to presidential candidates other than those on official ballot; written acceptances; filing; certification; form of write-in or sticker vote

Section 78A. In any year in which presidential electors are to be elected, not later than the sixtieth day prior to the date of the election, there may be filed with the secretary of the commonwealth, in a form to be prescribed by him, a list of names and addresses of candidates for such electors, containing the names and addresses of a candidate for president and for vice president to whom such electors shall be pledged in writing. Said list shall contain the written acceptance of each candidate for presidential elector, who shall be a voter of the commonwealth, and the written acceptance of the presidential and vice presidential candidates, who shall be candidates other than those whose names are to be printed upon the official ballot. Said secretary shall certify to all city and town clerks and election commissioners the names of the candidates designated by any such list for the offices of president and vice president and the form of write-in or sticker vote for such candidate which will be deemed acceptable under the provisions of section seventy-eight.