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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 91A: Applications of specially qualified voters

Section 91A. A specially qualified voter, as defined in section one of chapter fifty, who qualifies for an absent voting ballot pursuant to section eighty-six, or a family member of such specially qualified voter, may apply for an absent voting ballot in the manner prescribed in section eighty-nine. The registrars may cause an investigation of such resident's qualifications to be made by a police officer who shall forthwith, after such investigation, report to them his findings with respect thereto, and for such purpose, the board or officer in charge of the police force of the city or town shall give the registrars such assistance as they may require.

If the registrars certify that such resident has the qualifications for voting, the clerk shall deliver an official absent voting ballot to such resident in the manner prescribed in section ninety-one B. If not so certified, such registrars shall give written notice thereof to the applicant and give him an opportunity to be heard. Such registrars shall, seasonably, before every election prepare a list of the names and addresses of specially qualified voters so certified and shall promptly post such lists in their principal office and transmit a copy thereof for each precinct, to the election officers of each such precinct.

Applications under this section shall be subject to challenge under sections forty-seven A to forty-nine, inclusive, of chapter fifty-one, and shall be subject to the penalties for offenses concerning the listing or registration of voters as provided by sections one, two, three, five, six, seven, eight and nine of chapter fifty-six.