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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 30: Courts' authority to compel filing of statements

Section 30. The supreme judicial or superior court may compel any person failing to file a statement as above required, or filing a statement not conforming to the foregoing requirements in respect to its truth, sufficiently in detail, or otherwise, to file a sufficient statement, upon the application of the attorney general or district attorney or petition of any candidate voted for, or of any five persons qualified to vote at the election on account of which the expenditures, or any part thereof, were made or are alleged to have been made. Such petition shall be filed within sixty days after such election, if the statement was filed within the thirty days required, but a petition may be filed within thirty days of any payment not included in the statement so filed. Proceedings under this section shall be advanced for speedy trial upon the request of either party. No petition brought under this chapter shall be discontinued without the consent of the attorney general.