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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 32: Corrupt practices by candidate defined

Section 32. A candidate shall be deemed to have committed a corrupt practice who commits any of the following offences:

Making or permitting any person or non-elected political committee authorized by him to make a false return in any statement filed under sections eighteen, nineteen and twenty-four by him or on his behalf.

Making a false return in any statement filed under sections eighteen and twenty-four by a candidate for nomination or election.

Any candidate fraudulently and wilfully obstructing and delaying a voter, interfering with, hindering or preventing an election officer from performing his duties, forging an endorsement upon, altering, destroying or defacing a ballot, tampering with or injuring or attempting to injure any voting machine or ballot box to be used or being used in a primary or election, or preventing or attempting to prevent the correct operation of such machine or box.