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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 7: Maximum financing available; state election

Section 7. Any candidate eligible to receive limited public financing of his state election campaign shall, on determination and certification by the director, be entitled to an amount equal to $1 for each one dollar of qualifying contributions as defined by section one subject to section nine and subject to the following limitations: (a) no candidate shall be entitled to receive any amount in excess of the balance then remaining in the state election candidate account established for that candidate under section 43 of chapter 10; (b) nor shall any candidate be entitled to receive any amount in excess of the following maximum amounts for the following statewide elective offices:

Governor and Lieutenant Governor $750,000

Attorney General 312,500

Secretary 187,500

Treasurer and Receiver General 187,500

Auditor 187,500

Only amounts appearing in statements of qualifying contributions filed with the director, in such form as he shall prescribe, stall be considered in determining amounts to which candidates are entitled. Determinations and certifications of the amounts to which eligible candidates are entitled shall be made by the director on or before the fourth and second Tuesday before the state election and shall be based solely upon information contained in such statements as have been filed prior to such dates.

The fact that a qualifying contribution has previously been considered in determining eligibility for, or the extent of, public financing of a candidate's primary election campaign shall not prevent consideration of the same contribution in determining the extent of public financing of such candidate's state election campaign.