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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 11: Monthly meeting of Quakers; appointment of trustees; powers and duties

Section 11. Such monthly meeting may appoint, in such manner and for such time as it may determine, three members of any preparative meeting which belongs to it or forms a part thereof to act as a board of trustees. Such trustees and their successors shall be a body corporate for the purpose of taking, holding managing or conveying any real estate which may be owned or acquired by such preparative meeting or granted to the use of said meeting, and, upon their appointment, the power of the overseers of such monthly meeting to receive, hold or manage any real estate for the use of such preparative meeting shall cease, and they shall convey to said trustees any real estate the legal title to which is vested in them as the body corporate in trust for such preparative meeting to be held by said trustees upon the same trusts. The trustees may manage and convey any real estate held by them upon the same terms and conditions upon which it was granted and may prosecute or defend any action relative thereto, but they shall not convey it without the written consent of the preparative meeting, granted as the decision of said meeting. The income of real estate so held by them in trust and the income of any gifts of personal estate which may be held by overseers for the same preparative meeting under the preceding section shall not, in all, exceed five thousand dollars a year.