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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 1E: Curriculum frameworks

Section 1E. The board shall direct the commissioner to institute a process for drawing up curriculum frameworks for the core subjects covered by the academic standards provided in section one D. The curriculum frameworks shall present broad pedagogical approaches and strategies for assisting students in the development of the skills, competencies and knowledge called for by these standards. The process for drawing up and revising the frameworks shall be open and consultative, and may include but need not be limited to classroom teachers, parents, faculty of schools of education, and leading college and university figures in both subject matter disciplines and pedagogy. In drawing up curriculum frameworks, those involved shall look to curriculum frameworks, model curricula, content standards, attainment targets, courses of study and instruction materials in existence or in the process of being developed in the United States and throughout the world, and shall actively explore collaborative development efforts with other projects, including but not limited to the national New Standards Project. The curriculum frameworks shall provide sufficient detail to guide and inform processes for the education, professional development, certification and evaluation of both active and aspiring teachers. They shall provide sufficient detail to guide the promulgation of student assessment instruments. They shall be constructed to guide and assist teachers, administrators, publishers, software developers and other interested parties in the development and selection of curricula, textbooks, technology and other instructional materials, and in the design of pedagogical approaches and techniques for elementary, secondary and vocational-technical schools. The board may review and recommend instructional materials which it judges to be compatible with the curriculum frameworks.

Frameworks shall be designed to avoid perpetuating gender, cultural, ethnic or racial stereotypes. The frameworks shall reflect sensitivity to different learning styles and impediments to learning. The board shall develop procedures for updating, improving or refining said curriculum frameworks. A copy of said frameworks shall be submitted to the joint committee on education, arts and humanities at least sixty days prior to taking effect.