General Laws

Section 1. Whereas the school building assistance program is the largest capital grant program operated by the commonwealth and is necessary for the establishment of public school buildings in the commonwealth; and whereas the costs of the school building assistance program are increasing at an unsustainable rate and local governments need flexibility in school building assistance to ensure that local needs for school facility space, downtown development, open space and community space are met; and to promote the thoughtful planning and construction of school facility space in order to insure safe and adequate plant facilities for the public schools, and to assist towns in meeting the cost thereof, there is hereby established a school building assistance program. It is in the best interests of the commonwealth and its citizens to create an authority to achieve the objectives of effective management and planning of the commonwealth’s investments in school building assets, promoting positive educational outcomes, ensuring the health, safety, security and well-being of students, easing and preventing overcrowding, maintaining good repair, efficient and economical construction and maintenance, financial sustainability of the school building assistance program, thoughtful community development, smart growth and accessibility.