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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 64: Union superintendent; compensation

Section 64. The salary of the superintendent in such a union or in any twelve grade regional school district or the combined salary received by a person serving in a dual capacity as a superintendent in a union and a regional school district or in two or more regional school districts shall be not less than the amounts provided in the following schedule: ninety-five hundred dollars for the first year of service, ten thousand dollars for the second year, ten thousand five hundred dollars for the third year, eleven thousand dollars for the fourth year. If his salary is not in excess of eleven thousand six hundred dollars the union or any twelve grade regional school district or the union and the regional school district or two or more regional school districts, as the case may be, shall, and otherwise may, reimburse him for his actual traveling expenses incurred in the discharge of his duties, but such reimbursement may be limited to six hundred dollars a year.