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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 14: Practical arts classes; required age of students

Section 14. Towns may, through school committees or trustees for vocational education, establish and maintain practical art classes. Such classes shall be open to persons over sixteen years of age, and may be established and maintained as approved state aided practical art classes under sections one to twenty-two, inclusive, so far as not inconsistent therewith.

Regional school districts established under sections fourteen and fifteen of chapter seventy-one, if the agreement for the establishment of the district, either as originally adopted or as subsequently amended, so provides, may through the regional district school committee establish and maintain such practical art classes.

School committees or trustees for vocational education may in addition to the courses approved by the department of education establish and maintain such evening practical art courses as in their opinion they deem expedient and necessary, and may, upon request to the state board and with its approval, hire provisionally in the absence of certified evening practical arts teachers such teachers who may not be certified but are qualified through experience to teach such practical arts courses until such time as such teachers are certified or certified evening practical arts teachers are available.