General Laws

Section 14B. In any city or town which accepts the provisions of this section, any income received in a fiscal year not exceeding, in the aggregate, fifteen thousand dollars derived from the purchase and sale of products produced in the culinary arts subject area of the home economics program, or any other vocational-technical program conducted in any public vocational-technical high school shall be deposited in a special fund by the school committee in any banking institution in the commonwealth. Expenditures may be made from said fund by the school committee for purposes needed for the culinary arts subject area or in the case of a fund established for any other program, such funds may be expended for the purposes of such program area without further appropriation, notwithstanding the provisions of section fifty-three of chapter forty-four; provided, however, that said special funds shall not be used to pay the salary of any employee, and in any fiscal year no more than five thousand dollars from said funds shall be used in the purchase of equipment. Three years from the year a city or town accepts the provisions of this section, and every third year thereafter, said city or town may act to rescind its original acceptance. The superintendent of a school district with such a fund shall submit annually a report of said fund to the mayor, city council, city manager, board of selectmen or town manager of each city and town in said district and a copy of said report shall be submitted to the director of the bureau of accounts. The provisions of this section shall be effective in any regional school district upon its acceptance by the school committee of said district and a majority of the towns and cities and said district by vote of the board of selectmen or city council of said cities and towns.